I am grateful. 

My Mama Linda gave me away. And I am grateful she chose to not snuff me out, like many woman do in here delicate at the time situation.  And I am grateful she adopted me out. It was hard. But I now know first hand what adoption means from the child’s point of view. And now speak freely about my researching from doing an adopted child. 

In a perfect world, which we should be using as the mark to shoot for, adoption would only happen in cases of death. And in a perfect world that we shoot for even if parents die, and a child is adopted, they should be allowed to grieve their losses openly and with the full and active support of the adoptive parents. 

My parents did not know what this would do to me. Society did not know at the time of my adoption that I would grow up feeling the way I have most described in raw flow of consciousness. From my gut and memories. 

See. The body has memeory storage of traumas. And if we sit still allow ourselves is what I have gather from doing just that. The feelings will come up. And if you embrace them. I mean whole heartedly open up and embrace and feel those feelings, you will get free. Free from the emotions attached to those memories. You will remember? But becasue you allowed yourself to feel it and accept that you felt that way, it disapates. The charge around the memories is dispersed. 

This is what I have learned from this truth telling I’ve been doing  as of late. This road of truth is very narrow. And not many travel it. Many run from it. And others try to pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does. I’ve just tested it. It works. The truth does set you free. Free to be someone else beyond what was. 

It never really goes away, shit that is. And Adoption has got some shit and made me feel like shit. Cuz kids love their Mamas. We may get disappointed. True. Things get messed up. But we always remember the one we came from. 

That’s what Mama Linda forgot to factor into her math about this thing called adoption. Moses was adopted. And he remembered his people and lead them to freedom away from pharaoh. Ok? He didn’t just forget his mother and brothers. He lead them out of slavery. 

So. Adopted kids lead their mama’s out of slavery too. Slavery that looks like a life lived without us. Slavery to an old way. Slavery to a piece of paper. Slavery to shame and guilt they never should have been inslaved too. Slavery that said they were not enough. 

Thanks for coming by. 

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