Dear Chelsie. 

You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I feel you all the time and think if you all the time. Everything reminds me of you. 

To say I miss you is an understatement. I’m lost without you. But I think I’m just getting found. Cuz loss is funny. It makes you stop a minute and check things out. 

I surely do hope your well. I hear through the grape vine your doing good. I miss your smile and your wacky way that just kind of blow the dust off this Mama’s soul now and then. 

I’m working hard to make you proud by changing a few things around. I want you to see me be strong and tell the truth becasue it so important to do so. Look at this mess. For lack of me being able to express a hurt. Look at everyone in the family and how out of touch everyone is with me and each other  for that matter. 

Watch me fight for truth sake. For saying what needs to be said even though no one wanted to hear it. I want you strong enough to cry infront of the world if need be to get your message out. I wanted you to see me doing just that, so you could have courage if and when that day comes. 

I love you little one. Even though your grown now. And on your own. You always have a place in my heart. But girl. It’s dusty in there. You need to come blow the dust off. 

All my love forever more. 


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