That’s what this is all about 

I am tired of being miserable. If my Mama don’t like me? Well, I’ll stand up, speak my mind and move along. She can just catch up. 

What she has not understood. The things I speak about were how I felt growing up. And now I am strong, becasue I did the work and faced the demons that Chased me down cuz my Mama left me. 

And I needed to mourn my losses. Even if she can’t see them. They were there. And this was my final phase. Acceptance. She did do that. And I survived. She has had an opportunity extended to her to get to know me. Her daughter. Grown. And strong. 

The rest is up to God within her to help her see. Lord. Help her see. 

I forgive her for not knowing what this did to me. I forgive her for not accepting her gift. I forgive her for not seeing me as a gift, even now. Lord. I cover it with my words if firgiveness here. I plead the blood of Jesus on it all. 

May my Mama rest her mind. May she find the silver lining in me. Amen. 

Like it says. We must work. And so I have. 

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