Chelsie Lynn

Dearest Chelsie-

The days are getting hotter down here. The garden is filled with flowers. We have chickens and ducks. Life is going well. Except with you. 

I want you to know. Here. Infront of everyone. That I love you. And I am fighting for you by waiting patiently. I’m not sure why you left without saying Goodbye. But I imagine it has something to do with my Mama. She did the same. 

But I am not like her. I will hold o to hope. I will die loving you. And waiting for your bouncy self to come through my door. I am always your Mama. And I can’t help you with something if you don’t tell me what it is. 

I would love to sip tea and talk like we did in the old days. But we got shit right here if your gone. And we need to deal honey. I’m ready to hear your truth. When you muster the courage to say it. 

I never thought you would be the one to turn your back on me? I worked so hard to help you anyway I could. The best I could. Look at who I came from? She rejects me daily. And now you do too? Just like her. I am disappointed. Yes. But that’s nothing new. 

The fact is. I still love you deeply. And am waiting for your face to see. Always your best friend. Mama. 

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