To my Mamas. 

I take time to remember my Mamas and the sacrifices they’ve made for my sake. 

Children always remember and love their Mamas. Even if we don’t understand them. 

May all adoptees find some peace today in knowing that their love still makes a difference. And we all can come back home. It takes work and honesty to forge ahead something new. 

Being adopted and trying to come home is much like being a child of a divorced couple. Each mom is a part of your life. But you don’t talk about the one to the other to keep peace and help each to know they are special. 

Buy it time for families to reunite. Do the work needed. And to see. The blessing of restoration. 

May this Mothers Day be filled with faith for all of us to forge ahead to form new and lasting connections with our families.  I feel it worth the hassles, arguments and fuss to clean up the old and connect. 

May we all have our dream. May we all heal. May we all bring in the day of reunions and restoration. Amen

I pray for a world of atonomy

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

And happy day of the mom. 

God bless. 

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