Relaxing herbal tea bath 

I needed a fresh energy cleanse. So spirit told me to go and pick some herbs that speak to me and cut them and make a tea for your bath, in your bath. The feeling of relaxation is intense. It’s the release of a grip I was in. And my body quivers at the released. It sighs a pleasurable release of an old way.  A perception change that physically manifestated in me. And my perception is changing fast. And for some of us, we have to keep our vessels clean. We work the energies. The spirits in us cause a vibrational change where spirit leads us. And that watch it is exhilarating. For we get so see God work through us. 

Herbal bath. 

Fresh herbs are best. They are just picked and at their highes peek of vitamin content at the time of clipping. They loose it. And wilt to show you theirs energy level. 

One lemon for squeezing into the bath. 

Epson salts. Flavor or. I flavor. Play with it. Be generous to yourself. The more you give yourself. The more you multiply what you have to give. 

Add herbs right away after an all hot bath has been draw. Let it steep. And after it has. Add cold water and get in. 

Sweat. Wash the makeup off. Get still. And just be. Listen to something funky. And get real with yourself. 

Lock the door. Only you. This is a mirror experiences. We are sizing ourself up by the outside standard spoken to us.  It don’t worry. We all pass. The universe loves us all. She loves some actions more than other because of the results. Get true to you. 

Soak up your Mother Earth tea. Test her. Allow yourself to be nourtured by her energies. Feel the energy change. And teach it to your children. 

Wow. I love it. Relax and allow it to just desolve. And resolve. Hope you try it and let me your results. I love how spirit is so personal. Hope you’ll try the experiment and tell your experience so we all can see how loving this place is? 

Mother Earth, love Father Time. And that’s how we got here. We are all children of the universe. What a big family indeed. We have much to learn on how to be victor a of this planet. 

Thanks for diving deep with me today. 

God bless you. 

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