As the world watches me and my Mamas

It’s so important that I show you what I am doing. So you can see hope after adoption and reunion. 

It is so needed that people see what it’s really like when you get down to the brass tacks of what a real reunion with your Mama. 

As the world watches me write here and tell my story day by day. As I share my anguish and longing for a woman who gave me away. I hope to show you the heart if every child across this planet and how much our Mothers mean to us. 

I show the pain of relinquisheny scare on my psyche and body that have loved for her for 54+ years. And still do. That it does not go away and gets more intense as she resist my love. 

It is a terrible thing when your Mama gives up on herself and the whole world agrees. It is a sad day when society chose this way for us both. It is hard to believe the church has back this practice up for so long and can not see what they even do to the children who grow up and become part of society, broken and scattered. We try to do our best and yet apart of us has been removed and not reit ed to us yet. 

Our Mothers hide in fear of societies rebuke on them when the rebuke should be on those who encouraged a vulnerable 25 year old to give up her calling to be my precious Mama. 

I will not be quiet. For it is a stench in the nostials of our creators nose. It damns Gods will. For God send the children to whom God send them and no one should put that asunder. No one. And still. People greasy to play house choose to separate those Children from their families to have what they can not create themselves. Those people feel that those children perfectly placed by a loving God, can just be moved without even God noticing our fine handy work. 

We ere to think in such a fashion for I am here to tell the whole truth so help me God about t! And my life does not reflect what you all imagine it does. And I am not alone. For I am one of an army of many who speaks the unashamed truth about living without my Mama. And I will not turn back now that my words have hit the air!

May the flames I speak sear your hearts and make them bleed for such ingnotance as to move a child from it unit. May we weep and change our ways. May we change and work to restore children to their families. May we foster true care. Instead of greed mascarating as love. 

I speak strong words today. For their are children all over this planet who weep for their families. We do not service to remove them. And do not service to leave folks without resources because someone else didn’t get a child and wants on. Stop! This must stop. 

I can no longer stand by and be silent any longer. You will feel the pain of the child you took from another says God. It is written for whatever measure you give you will receive. Take and you will be taken from. Give and it will be given. 

Why do we not give to families who struggle instead of tearing them apart and calling that progress? Wake up. Yes. This planet has laws and separation is not a law. It is a practice that does not serve us. Unity is key. Family units are sacred. They need to be honored and supported not condemned and split up and labeled faulty. 

Surely we can see that? We must. For separation tears at the very fabric of life and fragments is all. Support of family is our highest call. A child will always want their parents. Why in the hell cant we help those parents be better? What team work is that? 

Let us look at ourselves. Let us weep our losses. And let us rebuild better. So we all can be strong. 

Judgement has no place here. Grace is over us all. We must practice grace as we see our missed marks and help folks do better. It is the highest law. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

God bless. 

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