Hello Spain

Hello Spain, I am so glad you came by. I want to welcome you to my blog. This is a place where it is safe to talk about how it really feels to be adopted and were no judgement is upon you for feeling the way you feel.

Many of my posts sound pretty turned around and down right upsetting. And that is exactly how I have felt having my heritage removed from me. It is very upsetting to start in chapter two, and to not have the whole book of your life.

I hope you find something that helps you understand what being adopted feels like. I hope that if you are adopted, my words give you courage to search for your first chapter. It is not easy, that is what I show, but, what is easy in life? Finding our parents is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I was blessed to find mine.

And even though my Mama and I are fighting right now, I still love her. She’s just turned around like me. With time I feel she will come around. I hope you find all that you look for. My prayers are for you to find the missing piece you search for.

Thank you Spain for dropping by. I send you blessing from this adoptee to you.


God bless you Spain

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