Played with my kids make up today. 

Growing up I was the one everyone went to for help with hair and makeup. I was naturally good at it and loved to help my ffiends with their hair and make up! It made me feel good to help and show them their own beauty and tips for success in make up and styling. 

I guess I got some of my gramma Renzie in me, mixed with Nana Lola. Gramma Renzie was a hairstylist I never met. And Nana was with me since birth. I feel I got some natural ability  and nana brought it out by playing with my hair and letting me play with her make up. 

I taught myself how to cut hair at 15 years old. I watched my hair stylist do mine and then did it on my own and for others as well. And I enjoyed it. 

So, my point is this. I never really had friends who did my make up. Everyone came to me for help. But I never got to have someone else do my makeup. Angela did my make up today. And it was fun having her do my contouring and play with my eye shadow and stuff. It is so nice to see my girls are gifted too. And that we can share our gifts and learn new things from each other. 

Kids are special. They are pieces of us. And no matter what, we love them through the hard times, and the good times are sweeter for it. 

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless you. 

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