Hello! And welcome Croatia!!

So nice to have you stop by! I have many mental tidbits to chew on here. I hope you find the good for your soul here. 

My place is just real. I do not clean up the messes alone. I do it here in this psyche cafe. I serve many tidbits that may shock you and that is my hope. We all must be shocked back to life and to be brought face to face without dark raw in feelings that lay waiting to be given the attention toon they need. 

Darkness is only the unknown or unshared. We all benefit when we share openly and freely and it is my hope for you to gain the courage needed to be your authentic self more and more each day. As we all shed the old that covers the fresh layer, we each see our humanity is what links us all. 

I stand emotionally naked up here, for all to see that it ok to speak those things society has deemed unacceptable or negative. In algebra, two negatives make a positive. So let us show our work and our equations so all can learn that we all struggle and it’s ok. We learn through practice and struggle is part of any practice. Namaste Croatia 🇭🇷. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today!

God bless you. 

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