Welcome Hungary!!

I want to say hello to Hungary! Thanks you so much for stoppping by! I hope you find something helpful on your journey in life. It’s a big world and their are so many people in it. 

I love meeting new people and sharing with them and listening to their stories and getting to know them. I came here to get to know people from all backgrounds. And I feel I become a more rounded person after each interaction. 

Even if it seems like a negative experience I still alwayncome away with some jewel that helps me to be able to be a better person each day. That what I feel we all should be doing. We share our lives and experiences and we love people right where they are. And we tell them what we see, so they can see themselves from another’s vantage point and they can be the best they can be. 

I am first one in line for a bad report. Straight up. Like I thrive on that. It makes me better equipped for my next encounter. I am grateful for people who just say it like it is and don’t self edit to be nice. Cuz if I am acting weird, tell me? I may have a reason, ask me? Or I may not know? Tell me. 

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you, who ever you are. You are important. To me and to this planet. You matter. And I am glad you came by. This girl in cali sends mad love your way. Please receive it. You matter. Always remember that. Even when life a shitty  mess, hold on. 

Thanks for diving deep with me today. 

God bless. 

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