Mama Jean raised my Mama Linda’s child 

And Mama Linda’s got some Learnin to do. Mama Jean don’t pull no punches. She shoots from her hip and straight as an arrow I might say. And she taught me to do the same. I guess Mama didn’t take that into consideration when she taught about trying to lie about me? Or hiding me? Mama jean don’t put up with hiding things. 

And Mama Linda hid me. That’s ok. If she owns it. Then we can move forward. Unless she wants to stay back in the day? But why? Why would a woman who works so hard for god do that? The past is the past when we own it and learn. I love my Mama like Mama Jean loves me. Honestly and with tough love that don’t back down. 

Mama just needs to accept that her jigs up and own her won shit. I’ve owned mine. I am not hiding it from anyone. And there is power in that. No one can hold something you accept over your head when you put yourself. 

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless. 

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