I guess my sister did not think about there own affect? 

My kids up there working her ass off trying to show everyone the good in her Mama to them all and do they see it? Do they care? They are ignoring what’s going on hoping I will just go away! Lordy Mama needs me for sure. Who does that? My sisters. Yeah my spoiled sisters who have our Mama all to themselves. They have been taught better and do they do better? 

Obviously I took all the good manners and healthy communication skills? Oh. They are so funny thinking they would be left out of my truth saying. And I believe 24 years is long enough to wait for them to step up the the sister plate. Yes. That is enough patience to see exactly where their weaknesses are so I can address them and they can step it up and make them a strength. Mamas hard work being the best Christian she could has not gone to waste on me! 

Mama did not raised them to be that way? Not intentionally. But lies breed liers. They don’t know Our Mama like they think they do. She cares deeply and they have just show their ass by allowing this to go on and not change it for her, and work on incorporating me into the fold. But big sisters got her weakness, their names are Liz and Phyliss. They have thought they were so great going to college and dogging their big sis about her life choices. Victoria’s got some good boys! She followed her calling and raised them practically on her own for many years. She’s done well. She’s got her communication issues and does need to practice her queenly manners more. Yes. But she’s a good egg with two brats for sisters. Hell Liz takes advantage of her all day long! She’s lucky Vicki helps her with her kids! 

See? It’s hard for us all to integrate. And if folks don’t know where they’re weakness is how can they work on making it strong? My sister Liz was not paying attention to how it has gone for her Mama when she lied about me? And was lying to her kids too. She has a child out there she gave away. And she was hiding it from her other children. ‘Not very wise. Does she want her child to come back to her like that? Was she planning on blocking him too? Seriously. 

I was raised in a very public family as I have said before. There is no hiding from the public and no hiding from god. This is not the example of healthy family dynamics at all. Mama works hard to be the best example. But it is not all on her. Sure. I lit her up like a Christmas tree to show her her weaknesses, and that showed the weakness in her daughters. She was told a bunch of lies and fed them unknowlingly to her daughters. Lies are like cancer. It grows and infects others. 

My sisters have this relationship cancer. And if they think baby girl over here’s gonna take it? Well, they don’t know Mama at all. Cuz she’s in my blood. I got a large portion of Mamas feisty back bone and Christina faith. And I will not allow my sisters to continue to drag her down in such a fashion. It’s time to step up to the sister plate and daughter plate to help Mama feel secure about this. Not to feed her fears!! Oh my! 

What good is Christian faith and virtue when it’s not practiced. And are they even showing mama respect and honoring her for raising them by treating their sister this way? Hell no. Correction is hard. Yes. Arrogant? Yeah Mama told me you all said I was arrogant? Lol. Look in the mirror. Cuz entitlement is not arrogance. And it’s The worst form sisters. You ere to think it’s all on me. 

I am the only one doing anything about it. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. But I studied your behavior. Watched your lack of care. Mama needs you to step up and to stop being gossips. And back biters. And it is definitely a bad behavior. Does she have to lead you by the nose? Should she have to tell you? Does not her life show you? And if she not that strong in it? Your dragging her down not me. 

How many times have you fought for Mamas honor? Hmmm? As many as me? My sister Liz was just worried about her kids finding out about what she did,  and having to look at me just brought up all her guilt for giving her son up. I painted her bathroom for god sake. What the hell has she done for me? Sent me cards? Maybe 5? Has she made me a gift? Nope. She’s quite the rotary woman. She’s quite the business woman. But she not much of a sister. Not a wife for that matter either. She ran her man into the ground and only saw a mess in him. She’s the mess if she treat her teammate like that. Calling him fat and lazy is not kind. A man is an extension of yourself dear sister. 

Tom is a good man who’s got a head strong woman who needs to be put in her place. And she should have told him her truth so he could step it up for that matter. How can men change if we hold our cards and use them to hold over their heads or beat them with? His weight problem is because she spewed her shit on him. Plain and simple. But more energetically and not honestly. 

And now. There she is in the home they bought, without him. In all her business woman glory. Standing at the top of her pile of shit with no one to blame but herself. With kids running wild and she can’t even see it. Chelsie sees it. Oh yeah my babies got eyes and ears and sees what my sister does not. Chelsie is showing mama what her Mama did with the little she was given and then gave to her. Giving a child to another who did not have one is pretty nice. It takes moxy. But when the child comes home it takes everyone to integrate her in. 

I have a portion, a birth right. And they think they can just keep mine! Wow! Talk about out to lunch!! It’s time to step up sisters. Your showing your ass, now in front of the world. Cuz baby sister don’t take no crap. Mama raised you better and has been waiting for you all to step up too. But you leave her alone and let her deal with it? Did she just leave you alone to deal with your shit? I dare say not. 

Phyliss thinks because she not a practicing Christian so she’s safe. Lol. Your Mama is! So, to act like that’s some kind of legal grounds to opt out is Ludacrise. I don’t even know your kids! And I’m a good auntie. Yes I am. Hell how would you know who I am at all? I guess you think Mama made a mistake too? I guess you all think I came from some baboon woman? Very telling of what you really think of Mama. Yes indeed. 

How is Mama supposed to embrace her child with all this negativity coming from 3 entitled bitches around her? Giving her intel to call the cops and change her number? Seriously. She’s told me what you all are saying in her own way. Like wow! You all must fight with each other to get her attention too! Putting each other down as you step up to her good graces. 

I don’t pull any punches. I punch when needed. In your face and proudly. Not jaunty pride like you butchbhave been saying. I am humble. That’s why it took me 25 years to take you all on here in front of everyone. So you can’t run and lie. 

She should not have to lift a finger by now! And yet her craft rooms a mess and her cook book room? Oh my! She’s tough but step in and go spend time and help her!! 

See orphans are tough. Yeah, we have to be our own Mamas and Daddy’s. So you can’t back me down. I know who’s I am. And I am proud of my Mama. She’s just turned around cuz your turning her around to look at you all day! But so are you if you sit back and just let her take the fall without even talking to me about it? Counselor are for helping you to be able to Learn healthy communication. So you can use it with your family. Assertiveness is not arrogance. Ok? Got it? 

You are all just jealous. Mama is always in my heart. But I want her in my life!! Move the fuck over and get out of our way! Mama Jean raised me to stand up for myself. My Daddy Elmer raised me to be tough and told me the man code and taught me about men. Mama jean taught me about woman. And remember, mama sent me there. So she gets credit for doing so. 

But stop making her feel so conflicted and get with It! She is expecting you all to step up with her! And your not. Ok. Your not. What the hell. 

See folks. This is how you do it. This is how you work on getting the family back in line. I am part of that line and my sisters are just butter butter peanut butters, taking my portion as their own! 

Yes I may fight? But I fight fair in front of everyone not behind closed doors. 

Thanks for diving deep with me today
God bless. 

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