My Mama’s so turned around. It kind of cute. 

Well. I guess I am forced to write here since my Mama blocked me on email. Yeah. I got a notice that my email ant be delivered. It kind of sad she’s so turned around and can not see her blessing in me. I see the blessing in her? She’s a good woman. She’s just thinking that she still gets to tap out on being my MAMA. 

THATS WHAT IM SAYING? Woman give their babies away and then think they are done. And that is not what I see at all? I see that babies are always their Mamas child even when they give them away and don’choice to keep them. 

I was raised by a strong woman who speaks her mind. Mama Jean stays connected and work through it and loves anyway she chooses to love past things. And forgives. I guess that’s one gift Mama Jean has given me and I want to give it to Mama Linda. She’s been lying so long she kind of stuck in her nest of lies and can’t see the way out. 

She really is cute once you get past it. People may say she’s crazy to treat me like that. And I would say yes. She is crazy to treat her baby girl like that. What Mama in her right mind would act like her daughter is. It her daughter? Like right? Who does that? 

I’ll tell you who. Woman who give their children up to adoption. Because society gives them the illusion that they can tap out from a calling. It’s because society has not learned yet to support woman. It’s because the church is micro managing what god has brought together. It clearly says to not put usunder what god has brought together? Do people think that scriptures is only talking about marriage? 

But on a serious note. Because this is serious folks. I love my Mama. That’s the way it should be. End of discussion. Children always love their Mamas and Daddy’s no matter if they have made what we call mistakes or whatever. And that she and I struggle to connect is proof that adoptions the issue, not she and I? Do you see? She’s been fed a line of bullshit for so long, she believes it. 

She’s not fighting with me? We are wrestling with our minds. My mind says I am hers. My body proves I am hers. The DNA proves who I came from. But back in the day they said this and that to make her feel ok? And now I’m back and nothing’s lining up and she’s all spun out? She’s just looking left and needs to look right. So she and I can pick up and go on arm in arm and heart to heart. 

We have learned a lot being apart. And we both have so much to give. Let’s lay it down and create the new story we both want. That’s what I work for. A new day. 

Thank you for diving deep with me. 

God bless. 

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