I thought I was from God? But the woman I was made from said different. An adoptees sarcasm.

Sarcasm can help when folks call you names, especially the one you were made from.

And so I prayed about looking for my Mom. My bio mom. And I was guided to find her. But evidently I was a bit deranged in thinking that it was God talking to me? Because the other day the mother manufacturer said that I actually work for the devil. Well. That’s a game changer. You know? I was baptized in the Presbyterian church? But I guess satans got more power than that holy water they sprinkled on my head?

But I guess Satan took me right back to the one I was made from? And she told me I was a devil? So I guess the manufacturers know what I was made from? I never got a owners manual explaining how to work me? Or who to call when  something was not working, that may explain why I struggled so much growing up?  I was going to the wrong person for help? God doesn’t help devil children like me? Apparently I need to be calling on Satan for help?

This is very eye opening! And explains a lot! That’s probably why I like to work in bars? And to smoke marijuana and smoke cigarette? Well. What a load off my mind. I guess that’s why I struggle in churches to understand folks there and am more comfortable with the homeless and down hearted. You know? The devil people that do drugs and do things folks with jobs and money to wave around in your face don’t like?

I wonder if my daughter realizes this? She did all that? She’s got tattoos and smoked cigarettes too?  Maybe my manufacturer will enlighten her of this fact? It might give her some peace to know what she’s made from? And who her mother really works for? She is trying to be a Christian and seems to not realize she need to be working for Satan? Can a devil make a Christian? I didn’t ask my manufacturer that? Well maybe Satan will show me? Since satans been showing me a lot these days.

I am so grateful to know this. And to have myself be set straight. I’ve been trying to work for God. I guess I got my job description wrong? Sure is good she told me finally so I can stop wasting my time praying and talking to god. I mean surely she knows what she’s talking about.  She claims to be a Christian. Oh! I guess she telling me in code that she works for Satan too? Oh. I hope this does not blow her cover? She goes to church and reads the Bible a lot. But I guess she learning so she can lead folks astray? Like satans workers do?

She must be right? I seem to like abusive relationships. And I seem to like to hang around with folks that have painful lives. I hang out with folks that need help and are on drugs. That explains it all! What a moment of illumination! Oh. I don’t like that. We don’t like the light. Guess that’s why I stay up late all the time? Working my devil schemes and spells?

I guess that’s why Satan sends me heroine addicts to help? And perscription drug addicts to feed? I guess that’s why I am told to give to the homeless? Satan cares about his people I guess? And sends me, the devils child to help out? Good to know. Sure glad to finally have my blinders off?

I guess that explains why Christian’s have trouble understanding me? Cuz I talk like a devil. I guess that’s why my sisters don’t like me and my ideas don’t match? But if I am a devil. Would that make my manufacturer a devil too? Or am I Rosemarie’s baby?  Well. I better get off her and pray to Satan and ask her.
Thanks for diving deep with me today.

And Satan bless you!


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