What I’ve kind of figured out with all this trash talk? 

Is that my Mama and Daddy were a bit of a hot mess back then? And I soaked all that crazy right up. I mean what else would I sip on? My mama was in the middle of leaving what appeared to be a good man. And my Daddy just kind of hopped on that crazy train with her? 

And what I see is that in my subscious I stored all the things said and all of my ancestors crazy that was attracting the same kind of stuff in my life. Never underestimate the value of speaking your truth. It may sound messes up. But unless you let it out? It’s gonna sour your life. 

And my Mamas call just confirmed to me that I got some negative programming from her. She kind of told me what she thought about it which showed me that she kind of thought that about me at some point. And that she and I were stuck right there together unless we spit it out.i am grateful for going where I was so scared to go for fear that rejection would cost me again. But rejection never left until I spoke my truth about it and showed my wound by it. And that’s huge. Huge! 

Gods grace covers it all if we confess it. But if I did not speak it, which is a confession, it’s not under the blood. I commit all of my words here that have been written to christs blood shed to wash me clean. 

Thanks for coming by and diving deep with me today. 

God bless. Xo

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