As the sun goes down upon another day

As the sun goes down upon another day. The child within me still waits. For the Mama that is not shown up. She’s still here within me. Strong in faith, and waiting for the day when her Mama will finally wake up for the dream. 

As the sun is now gone from another day and night slowly takes over, my inner child compels me to write. She compels me to send out another call to the God of heaven and earth to open my Mama eyes and heart unto the gift she gave away so long ago and yet is still living on without her gentle touch and warm Embrase. 

Does ever Adoptee feel like me? I only know my own heart. But I feel they do. We all just dumb it because no ones listening. No one sees what we see. But my inner child relents and pushes me to write. She urges me to pierce the air waves with my song, so people can learn and hear what this has done to all of us who they call adopted. 

As I sit here alone. With only God with me. I know god wishes better for the gift gods send to woman. 

I send my love on the wire for my Mama will see. If I do not faint in my well doing. Surely I will reap. God tells me if I pray and knock and seek, and ask that the door will be opened unto me. 

So I leave it there at the end of this day. 

Thanks for diving deep with me. An adoptee wishing to go home all the way back. Not just a fake cardboard sign of happy. But a real person. Filled with hope at last in the realization that this is what is to be. And as a light of hope for those searching yet today for their sweet Mamas. That we can go home and heal. 

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