Email to Mama. 

If you wat to understand any of this you must read and see what gods doing for us in me. No more hiding I’m fighting the devil on the internet for YOU. Mama. Us. Spit up that lie you swallowed longs ago. Spit it up and out so your can clearly see what God doing. Our day it here at last. 

Remember what you told me the day that brought me to you. I Remembered. And I have come back for you. With a heart full of the love you sent me away with. Mama jean can’t have your portion if for you. It’s yours. Take it. God brought me back to give it to you. But the lies had to be exposed for you to see them. So the windows of your eyes could be cleared to see me as I always was and am to this day. Your gift. Yes. Yours. 

Remember me cleaning you windows? Well that’s a sign. I didn’t know why I felt compelled to do so. But god showed me I was sent back to clean things up. So you could at last receive your blessing. So you could open that heart if your and receive what god meant for good. In me. Xo. 



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