Pain is the teacher, when will we learn?

Pain is the teacher 

But when will we learn?

Will we listen to the body

That toils to save itself

Why we do to our young

What we know should not be

Pain she has her lessons

A teacher yes is she

But for an ignorant race

Who only wish to only sleep

We nash our mouths agains her

With our bloody teeth

And medicate to numb our hearts

But pain wishes just to teach us

It’s time to wake my children

She screaming in the streets

For pain is the teacher 

And She must have her day

It’s time to open the books now children

And listen to the her rules

The higher law is speaking now

Open your eyes to what you’ve done

You lazy fools

For that is our first lesson

The ugly must been seen

For us all to comprehend

The devil lives inside us

Walking in our skin

Wake up now dear children

For pain will have her day

Yes pain is now upon us

But god is ever near

Reaching out to show us

The way beyond our fear

The truth can set us free

With our mouths open wide

Speaking what we swallowed

There is no where to hide

From a god who has made us

And it’s time we need to see

What we have done to make this mess

For pain shall have her day. 

Belinda Gayheart 

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