Being Christ for your mama in front of the world is rough but worth it. 

As I hung on the cross for my mother here. Carrying her shame and her wound. As I hung nailed to that cross by her thoughts that held us captive and spoke the truth within my being that I carried from conception, for all to see the way home and to crucify the lie with our truth, and so release ourselves from that crosses that we bare.

Home is the way Back to Mother and Father God. For god makes the babies not these bodies and these actions, but God knits us together with these fibers, these cells, and the very flesh we live inside. We are just the vessels the divine create us from.

As I hung and many turned away, not wanting to see what my Mothers thoughts had done to me. As I told my truth and they turned away and not many could look at it,  I  found my way back home. The home we all come from, which is God.

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