I was so sick of that shit. 

I was so sick of carrying around all that shit. It feels so good to have it out if my mind and off my chest. Which is off my heart. .  Someone else thoughts about you will drag you down. Give it back to them. When someone does something that upsets you tell them. How can they change if you don’t? If they walk away? That’s more about their belief system than yours. If you  carry it around for them and don’t tell them. What is gained. And who has learned  about heir affect in the world and on you? Emotional weight is heavy. Let them carry it. 

Everyone’s like just love them. Pour men. Slather love on it they say. Love is the answer all mushy mushy.  If it’s shit, it needs to get cleaned up by the one who made it. Or has it. Or shit it. Love corrects. God corrects. Proverbs speaks if it. Look it up. Proverbs 3. Love is tough as nails. And if you love someone you love them more than hurting their damn feelings. Feelings are fickle things. They come and they go.  But love lasts forever. If you love someone, tell um how you feel! All of it.  Not just the, quote unquote good stuff honey. All of it. Love is giving And taking. If only one gives and the other only takes. One persons goona get empty. You! Stop it. Don’t let folks test you like shit. They say more about you than them. Stand up for yourself. God don’t make door mats out of woman. Or woman for doormats. God is a loving fathers who cherishes his daughters. 

Like men. Hello out there. You got fill your cars tank don’t you? Hell yes you do! Can’t get to work without gas. But you can’t seem to do those things you did when you were trying to win your girls heart,  on a constant basis? All pooped out are you? Waaaa? As Justin Timberlake says, “cry me a river”. And you think she gonna stay? For what? I don’t give two shits what the church has been preaching. Men need to win their woman everyday. Men be waving there vows around like a ticket to ride or something. Like that gives them the right to act stupid and you got to stay. That is a breach of contract folks. And we woman need to step off that shit. And, men need to step up the the plate all the way or get out of the way so another man can. Ok.  Like men watch games all day and watch men run around after a ball, made of leather. And they can’t win at love with one woman? One? They got to go practice with a bunch of them? And share the love they say? Lordy men. Your fucked up as hell being like that?

Don’t you men know that a woman can be anything you want?  Anything baby, that’s right. But you got to earn that shit. Yep. You pay at the strip club don’t you? You got to earn that sexy shit. You got to step up and commite to it or step off so she can move on and find one that does. Ok ? She ain’t got time for that two faced shit you all been sellin. Nope. In or out of the car. Cuz she got shit to do. She’s got babies. And she’s got a job. She’s got the house. And she don’t need your lazy ass laying around makin messes. Ok? Woman’s work my ass! You made the mess. She’s been cleaning it up. It needs to stop! It ain’t your Mamas house no more! Ok honey child. She’s got enough of you kids she’s raising. You’re raised. If you did not pay attention in class at your Mamas, that’s your problem. Catch up. Learn. Stop being a baby. 

Woman need men. There ain’t nothing  that don’t make her dick limp more , than a man who acts like a bo, and wants to be waited on all day. And r told what to do like he can’t remember. We are pedifiles! At least not me. A man That doesn’t pitch in and pull his weight is a boy and dead weight.  You’d rather live in swahler than do something about it? Lordy. And them complain about it? Get up off your fat or skinny ass and be the change. It’s teamwork. Not woman do this and men do that. That’s fucked Up,as hell. Show up for whatever. Do you act like that at work? And they pay you for that shit? Someone needs their head examined. You. 

Woman all day  and for all time need men to grow up. Stop being mean and lazy and wanting it your way all that time. It don’t work like that. Woman know how to give to a man. If she doesn’t your bank account is overdrawn. Ok. Go deposit something. Those overdraft fees add up. And consistently deposit each day, of your smart,  each Week, month. Like you go to your job each day? Right? A relationship is a job. Both gotta work at it. That include you stepping up and outside your comfort zone silly. Get up! And do some work on it. She’s tired of working. You don’t think she works? Dinner, laundry, children, which never ends, while you watch the game or hang out at bar! While she’s holding the bag. And your off spending funds that could go somewhere else. 

Woman. Stop putting up with that shit. Set a boundary. Give an inch and they take mile. They ain’t like us. You need to set clear boundaries. And stand your ground to defend them. Even if their lazy ass stay the same. Leave! Go. If they don’t follow? And stay in the shit pile! Tell them. And set the mark for them to shoot for. They ain’t gonna get a better woman than you. It’s just different and usually is worse. Or more of a challenge. Cuz they are weak. And need training. She’ll be crazier than you guaranteed. So let um go and watch um. Don’t take um back till they grow up and step up. They walk they need to win you again. How they gonna learn girl if you go holding their dick for them? Seriously. Stop it and you’ll see how strong they are. If they are weak. Let it go. AMD do not take their shit with you give it back to um or you’ll atract the same or worst. 

Forgiving does not mean you have to stay. Forgiveness is for you darlin. Don’t forget. Make it clear what you want and take nothing less. Men need to learn. And how are they gonna learn if you don’t show um where they are weak. Tell your truth. Set your mark and draw your line. And stand up to any man that takes without asking. Do you hear me? Turn them in. Let the law deal with their ass. If they do that. They are showing you who they really are. Believe them and walk away. That ain’t love. You need love, not that. Love yourself and your kids and walk away. Abuse is not love. Love yourself first. God will send someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. 

Let go of what anyone has said about you. By letting go I mean give it back to them. Your mama, your friends, a stranger. Don’t take no shit that ain’t yours. OWN what is yours. And ThEn LET IT GO. Don’t you dare say I am sorry. You are not sorry. I am sorry is a negative affirmation. Stop saying that.  But if they have it comin to them. Give it them. Ok. You can do that. Protect yourself. Learn self defence. Defend yourself. Love is not blind. Love sees what is before it and acts accordingly. We blind ourselves with delusions of grandeur. Pay attention to how they act and what they do. Words are hollow to hour actions. If They give you hate. Give it back and. Move on. Don’t stay there. Don’t argue. Call it like it is. Men will argue with a fence post, they get off on it. Stop giving it to them cut them off. If they showed you hate leave. You don’t need that. No. Your father in heaven never wants you to let a hateful man test you like that. Show him. Confess. Tell him the truth as best you can. If he is abusive  get out. Don’t stay. You are worth more. Yes. You are. I don’t care what your mom, aunt, teacher, step dad said or dad said. It’s a lie. 

Get that in your head child. God don’t make junk. You are just settling for it. Thrift store men are a dime a dozen. Give it back to the Salvation Army. Let a man of higher caliber be sent to you. Don’t bend. Flowers don’t bend. Except with the wind that blows their fragrance all around to attract a proper suiter. Let god send him. I learned the hard way too. That’s why I am sharing this with you. So you can benefits from my experience. Find a strong woman to help you. Surround yourself with woman who talk good about themselves. Don’t keep hanging around woman who bash themselves. That get draining. Find some real woman. Strong woman. Find them. 

There are those who understand sisterhood. The code of honor and conduct. Stay away from the jealous woman. They area empty. They will drain you. Get around the ones who build you up and build themselves up. You can tell by the way they talk. Those others are vampires. They’ll suck you’dry  and  leave you hanging In Your hour of need. Tell um what you see. Let um step up. But if they don’t step away. They’ll drag you down. 

And mind those babies. Don’t let those men hurt those babies god gave you. Yeah you. God made Then from you and they are put in your care. Those men ain’t yours to raised. They are raised. If they are slow. Tell them. Let them go if they don’t step up. Woman let men be lazy thinking they are like us. They are not. The mans body mad mind are wired different. But that is no excuse. They need. To catch up not keep acting like babies. We got to give them the boot if they don’t. That’s not how they treat each other? Give it to them. 

These men got to come up to speed. We do not have time or energy that carry around that much weight. We don’t need to. Nor does god ask us too. I think vows need to change. Those men don’t even keep the vows. Seriously. Those vows are a mess and we get stuck with the mess as they lean on the vows you said and forget theirs. Hello. Team. Team first or there is no team. 

 You are a queen and deserve no less you read me?

Pep talk over. 

Thank you for diving deep with me tonite. 

God bless. 

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