My mother came here to do this work with me. 

We are in the middle of a great awakening. Earth is where god comes down in human form and walks the earth inside of us. A piece of god lives inside of us all. Jesus was one of the highest forms. Jesus was an exceptional combination of the human form and god in him came to show us grace, unmerited favor. So that we would see that. We all are connected by the spirit that lives within us and to awaken to that is our highest call. To get past our form and to see god in all that is here is our highest achievement and goal. 

God is using me to awaken my Mother to her call as the mother of me, who relinquished and felt what it was like. Her feedback, her experiences are valid to the evolution of this planet as all of our experiences are. That is why truth is inportant. 

It’s raining where I am today. And as the rain falls it reminds me of a cleansing process in nature where god sends fresh water to wash the earth and to revive it after the winter so there can be new growth. Rain falls on the earth, and our bodies are from the earth and our bodies need cleansing from the old stories that drag us down from actualizing our part in this planets evolution. The very planet god made. 

God in us all is purging the old. And we all need to see that. It’s not easy. We get attached to our old stories. And our old stories stay attached to us when we chose fear above truth and trust. They are all we have known. Fresh water of the rain, like fresh ideas is washing us all so that we all can update. How can we receive if we are full? Full of the past and full of lies? 

As wars and rumors of wars rage on we see the old everywhere trying to get out. And yet we still keep telling ourselves the same old things and wonder why nothing changes. Like the damn in orroville California, that shows us how we damn up our emotions, not willing to share the waters of pain so that we all can know the truth of our experiences so all can learn and grow. 

The break in the spill way in orroville is a symbol of god, warning us of the affect of doing so. Will we stop and look at this symbol? Will we stop what we are doing and look? For Mother Earth can not be bound. Emotions should not be bound up. Water is symbolic of emotions. And as the fresh water pours down we see Mother Earth is replenishing us. We are made from earth and need replenishing. And as the spill way, new waters lapping over her edge shownus we have don’t just that. Damned it up and that damn impedes our progress. 

We need to see past the stories we tell. We need to see the higher call of being a part of this cell called earth. Why are we each here? And what do we have to report? Are we able to report to another without physical contact? Can we share our truths without senseless killing that keeps us running an old story. For if we can not LISTEN and learn from another what does that say about the forms, the bodies we live in? These bodies are vehicles for the divine, temples for a Holy Spirit. 

And my Mother is important as all Mothers are. Can god allow mothers to keep rearranging the gifts sent by a complex universe? There is an order here. And her feedback is needed. Her struggle is most important. I see that she struggle still. But her struggle need not be for not. For she and I are an example before all of the new birth. The new that wishes, that god in us works to birth between us is the way to clear the pain from years of relinquishment.

 If god is an all knowing god and if gods ways are higher than ours, and who had a reason for sending me to her and then back to her she and I must push through to see the gift of this opportunity is. Beyond our old story. For if one holds on and the other lest go nothing has changed. Nothing. But if both speak freely understanding that grace covers it all. We all win. 

A child had come home. A child is a gift. And that gift must be opened to make sense if it all. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

God bless each of you on your road of truth today. 

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