Mama’s email was a good thing

My Mama’s email was a good thing. And what is going on over her is real. And her email showed precisely what I have been saying. She had dirt. And she was missing information to forgive me for not listening and why I was unable to do as her husband instructed years ago. Psychic attack is nothing more than thoughts needing to be expressed and yet held back. Those thoughts had been eroding at any hope of our relationship flourishing. And that she coughed it up is a good thing.

Now Mama Linda does not like to be publicly brought to correction. Ok. I did not like to be raised by a strange family and having to be a child of a very public couple. I did not like my life being threatened by towns folks that did not like the way my Father was leading. My Dad lead with his truth and tried to make a difference. When I was in elementary school there was a threat made upon my life and I had to be protected. I did not particularly like that. And my Mommy I came from was not there to protect me. Thank God Mama Jean was. And she was showing me and teaching me how to conduct myself in a very public family. I struggled as you can imagine now knowing how privately my Mother held her truth.

And my Mothers email plastered here shows, I was right. Mama’s got dirt, on me that needs to be expressed. And it hard for her to express it. She holds it. And I do not hate her for her habit. It is only a bad habit that is killing us both. But this girls not giving up and I am wrestling it out of her hands with Gods help. What I post here is real and raw and honest. And God can bless that. God can not bless us if we are holding to the past as you can see. But my Mother is not aware that she holds dirt and is sick from it and that she is making me sick from it, and has made me sick from it. That is what I am establishing here, with my life example on display for all to learn from.

My Mother chose to be a carrier and to call herself so. But God sees it differently. Evidently so, God lead me back to her to clear this matter up. And God lead me to blog here to insure that his child, My Mama, got it straight. She must come clean of this bad habit that she is addicted to. She is addicted to holding on and has lead my sisters to do the same. And that, must be radically, changed. This is an emotional intervention, in a public fashion. Not in some counselors office, stored in a filling cabinet, where no one learns. It is exposed for all to see that we all have dirty laundry and should not be ashamed. But that we should air it out and clean it up.

As you read by my email, Mama Linda did not have the 411 completely and she held onto stuff from the past that she saw a certain way, I shared my side so she could see why. I wondered why her husband dropped his management of me. Now I know. And he did not see what I know he sees now. He has passed, and his spirit came to me after his death, and told me he would make it right and help me. And I am grateful he did. I did not conjure that experience up. I am psychic and an empath. That is my gift, a gift that helps me do this work you see here.

And the children of adoption have gone on long enough with their Mothers being off track in such a fashion. It is time for us all to heal and to reconcile our differences. How can anyone learn if someone does not step up to the plate and willingly allow folks to watch the process? How can anyone learn when fill cabinets of content lay in the dark where no one sees and can learn to be able to do better?

I am a daughter of my Mothers. And I care deeply that she holds dirt on me. And I feel it. And her email validates that I am right. That I am getting the messages from her that poison us both. And that  God is leading me to show her how, to give up a nasty habit. Like a drunk, she must face her habit and learn to change. And her counselor if she goes to on is not doing their job. I should be paid for doing their job. My daughter is learning this bad habit. And that needs to be rectified. I did not teach my daughter to do so. And this is hard work.

That my daughter lives her life, without her mother in her life is preposterous. It is a disgrace to our family and to our faith in God. That my daughter is being taught to stuff it and tell a counselor what she should be telling me is a shame on us all. And as her mother I must right this behavior, once and for all. I feel my daughter is away because she does not want me talking about my Mother to her. She wants me to fix this with my Mom. And she removed herself from me so I would get the message to do that. That is precisely what children do, help you do better with their light. I am grateful for such a daughter.

That my Mother speaks of the good things my daughter is doing as if being away from me makes it so she can is craziness. Of course she does good things, I taught her by example to care for people, to do Gods work and making the world a better place, one person at a time is my life work. My daughter watched her Mother in very trying times, with little to no funds to do so, help whom ever I could with what I had. During a divorce I gave what was given to me in excess to others who needed the same.

I did not hoard what God had lavishly sent to my door. I shared what I was given with others around me. I was a light in a very dark time. And was learning how to be faithful with what God had given to me. Give and it shall be given, pressed down and shaken together shall men give unto your bosom. I know what giving does and how it adds Gods richest blessing to our lives in times of trial. God blessed me for my willingness to be responsible and sharing what I was given.

My Mother emailing me is not a bad thing. Me posting it here is a good thing. Because people can learn how to process dirt and that in the end, they shall reap the relationships they truly desire beyond the old. My Mother by emailing me her dirt on me, came clean of it. And if we faint not in our well doing, we shall reap.

in good health; free or recovered from illness:
“I don’t feel very well”
healthy, fine, fit, robust, strong, … more

in a satisfactory state or position:
“all is not well in her ideal-looking town”
satisfactory, all right, fine, in order, as it should be, … more
sensible; advisable:
“it would be well to know just what this suggestion entails”
advisable, sensible, prudent, politic, commonsensical, … more
in a good or satisfactory way:
“the whole team play

do·ing (do͞o′ĭng)
1. Performance of an act: a job not worth the doing.
2. doings
a. Activities that go on every day: “A motley crew they are, their doings as dark as they are ludicrous” (John Simon).
b. Social events and activities.

This that my Mother and I do is a good thing that no one sees because people are making money by doing nothing more than listening to someone gossip.

[gos-uh p]
Spell Syllables
Synonyms Examples Word Origin
See more synonyms on
idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others:

My Mother and anyone for that matter should talk to the person they have the issue with.

Matt 5:23-24 says-

23 “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.

My Mother and I must reconcile as this scripture says. God does not want to hear our prayers if we have dirt agains another that needs to be reconciled. It gets between us and God.

Good is not always easy folks. And this is the narrow  path the bible talk about. The narrow path of truth that no one seems to know how to take. Let us not be so broad minded that we neglect the work that needs to be done. Telling a counselor while the  person who needs your words does nothing to help anyone. Let us do the work that needs to be done and stop filling file cabinets full of information that now is useless, if we do not tell the one who need to tell what has been said.

Thank you for diving deep with me today.

We will reap if we faint not in this work.



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