I was sent by God to be adopted. And it’s hard. 

It is hard on a child to go through it. It hard on the body and the mind. That is my report.

My hearts jumps inside me theses days my

Body tells me how hard it is. When a woman gives her gift away. We must look at this and do better by the gift sent. Mary did better. She listen to the voice of god. These days she was ups be called a lunatic. Let’s face it. Jesus was not recognized by society at the time as the messiah. Face it. They probably thought mary was a loon back then. Just because scripture does not write it. Look around us. People standing up for things society can’t see yet? Are called crazy. We house people in insane assilims because folks don’t want to hear their truth. Jesus was killed for speaking his truth.

My time has an expiration. And I must report my finding before this body gives out. I pray that those adopted will find the courage to speak and do the work to bring this vital change upon the earth. She tired of us micro managing her gifts. There are many families without the blessings those gift were to bring to them.

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