Why do I come here and say what I say?

Why do I come here and say what I say? 

I will tell you why. Because I have a dream. I had a dream that I would one day come home. I had a dream that one day god would return me fully to my family. I had a dream that my Mother loves me. And wanted me deep inside where the only law is that you love your children as you love yourself. I had a dream of one day being her real child. And of telling her my tale. 

I come come here and write to show that children relisuished do. It forget their mothers. I speak to show that children are bonded always to the woman god made them from. I came here to show the world the love of a child for its mother. Even when she has swallowed a lie froM hell. 

I come here because of one woman who did not give up on my Mothers gift. Mama Jean stepped in, stood in and raised me to stand up for my beliefs. And she instilled in me the love of a stranger whom god sent to hold the line for my Mother, k owing full well that the day would come when I would return to her. She had courage. And looses nothing by me doing so. She is saint Jean. My Mother by adoption. 

I come here and speak with boldness because Mama jean taught me too. I come here with the heart of a lion because an Indian raised me. Because a noble woman raised me to return. I have a dream that all children will return, to their families of origin. I have a dream that no child will ever be rejected by another Mother. I have hope for these children. 

I am grateful for Mama Jeans sacrifice. But I mourn she did not taste what it was like to have me come from her womb. My hearts has mourned for her loss and my gain. I come here to start a conversation that need to be started. To look at the affects of adoption on the children relinquished. I wish to bring awareness. And I write boldly to get your attention. 

I come here to do battle with the thoughts and precept of the church and those who attend them. I battle the minds of woman who relinquish their children. I battle the minds of woman who do not see the gift that a child is and abort them. They abort their own gifts and so abort a dream. I am the child who was an abortion, relinquished at birth is an abort of a mission. My mission was to love my Mother. And so I do. Both of them. 

My mission was to love two mothers and show that it can be done. And that no one looses. Each have gained. But my Mother needs to see this. My mother needs my love now more than ever. Since telling my truth has shown me her wounds are many. As she blocked me. And could not face the truth I had to share. 

I have a dream that she loves me. I have a dream that she cares deeply. And that with the blow I have hit her heart with that her heart will beat again for me stronger than ever. That my love can make her heart break open. And that her tears will heal her heart. For truth is the blow that sets us free. When we can accept it, we all win. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

Let’s fuel this dream with our truth. Let it ring out! Our cries and hearts are so strong. Our lives are not lived in vein. And our mothers sacrifice do not go unnoticed. They are why we live beyond what society, the church or our Mothers fears have said. 

God bless you for reading my words. May the seeds of my words grow strong and change our consciousness forever. 

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