My Mama’s got no chance 

This baby girls got chops and props. This baby girls got love. This baby girls got God and my guns loaded and locked on the mark. This baby girls taking no prisoners. This baby girls going for broke. 

My truth is locked and loaded. My truths gonna blow the dust off. My truths got light!! My truth is light!! Sonia yours? Our light is what we shine In our Mamas dark mind! Boom! Mama! Watch out. Baby girl’s coming at yeah! Get that shit out of that way! Cuz baby girl don’t give up! 

So you might as well let it go and get real. I showed you what it was. Cuz times a wastin. We got stuff to do. Cooking, baking, and camping, and drinking wine! And doing fun daughter stuff. Watch out sisters? Baby girl’s home! And she loud and blunt and fun! If you’d get over yourselves! Like, you need me! The real me. And I need your crazy asses too! It’s time to get crazy with this sister girl here. Let’s get real. Gods grace has got us. 

You girls are living such an old story. And Mama needs to wake the hell up. She is. I woke her up. Now we can all get real. This limited Christian walk is for the birds!! Gods got more for us. You guys haven’t open this gift and I want to open you! Like, get to know you! Learn you. But you got to let me in and tell me your rules, and we will fight? Like duh. It’s about time? And we will forgive and love and let it all go. But we got to show up? 

I am here showing up. Out in the street yelling, and you guys got to come out and play! Sister’s home. 

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