What is my story in the grand scheme of the big story? 

Well, it’s a chapter not heard yet? A new addition to an old worn out story that needs revision. My story is content that was not added. 

Why? Because I was to young to tell it. I was to scared to speak it. And to confused to even know what my feelings really were? Until I got REAL! And raw and just blurted it out. 

Yeah. It messy. Yes it’s crazy. And yes it is my truth. If you read these pages and get triggered and upset? Well imagine what it was like for me growing up feeling all that? 

Adoption is mans fix for something that was not broken. Adoption is mans way of making psychosis ok. Adoption is mans way of inflicting psychosis into woman. Woman who conceive and don’t want what was created from there acts. 

My story adds content to an unfinished half baked idea. My story refutes the story line that this is God. That adoption is Gods way. No. it is mans way of dealing with an issue man made up. That woman are shamed for conceiving. When Jesus himself was born from a woman who the father was God himself, he was washed by a woman before his death, he was found by a woman. And what I see is we have not even begun to respect woman and what their bodies can do if we are rearranging babies to suit ourselves. 

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