It hurts to see us like this

yep. It does folks. It hurts like hell to have worked so hard to be a blessing and to see your Mama bat at you like a fly. To see her Nash at you while you work to tend her wounds. It must hurt like hell Mamas and I apologize for a society that has thrown you under the bus. My heart bleeds for you as you tend those wounds in private. I hurt for you too. I do. I see it. And I want to help. And it’s hard. Yes. It so hard to live like this. I know. You wanted better. And we’re forced to think this was the only way. But now is another day. And we must forge a new way. A way back, and the. Forward. And I want this for you Mamas out there that languish on the day if their birth. On special days when they would have been there to kiss you or bring you flower. Hold tight. I am here to help anyone who wants out of that cage of being. 

And I hurt today for me. A Mom cut off from her child. I hurt for all of you for now I see. What you went through. I feel some of the pain you felt that day upu said goodbye to the gift. And the day after when you started to tell yourself the story to help you in your way. My heart hurts for you. Cuz that girl woman is still in there behind all that that you tell yourself to go on. And she needs love love from that gift that wants to co back and tend the wounds she was sent to tend. 

And there is work to do. We must scoop out the infections behind the bandage if lies and fairytales. So we can sooth it with oil. And love. Fight not this kind of love. For beyond the surgery is healing. For us all. Like a ripple affect in a pond. A right will be made for us all. And we all will win. Do the work I show here and the truth will set you free. Xo. 

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