I look at the sky and wonder?

What do others see when they look at the sky? 

I see many things when I look at the sky. 

Like billowy clouds that float like dreams by the one who can imagine it so. 

And like animals. Like dragons and lions and bunnies. 

I see stars and the moon at its full. In a sky so brilliant no one can’t even touch capturing it face to face. 

I also see that I am small when I look at the sky. I am a dot, on a dot that hangs in a viscous Galaxy, with no string holding us here. 

I see how vulnerable we really are to this planet, this galaxy. 

I see shooting stars and Milky Way. 

And as I sit in my place of peace. I wonder. What others see. And I imagine what it must be like to:

See the borialous, the sun set from Mount Everest. What a meteor shower looks like In Alaska?

I also wonder who looks at such a beautiful vast sky, and feels fear? I do. I wonder what they would tell me about their sky?

Would they cry? Or yell about it? Would they run from it? Such a beautiful sky?

I wonder also what the sky feels when bombs and such are flung through her with no regard to her balance?

I wonder if she scratches her head at us? 

Flying here. Cell phone there. Horn, music, train, bomb, automobile. 

I sit and listen to the cars cloud out the natural sounds. As I write this. 

And I wonder if people who’s sky are dark and bloody. I wonder. Does this affect their perspection of such a beautiful sky? 

Do they forever VEIW it as scared, bad, or useless?

And I wonder. Do we even care? 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

I pray this food for thought will go Forth and edify your mind with food for its thoughts. 

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