You made your Bed, Now lay in it

You made your Bed, now lay in it.

You think you did a good thing, yep it work out all great.

Then came the day I called on you,

And that was your undoing. You think your holding it together, but your only buying time.

For the pop knot that is going to hit you,

You sent out to yourself.

Now lay in the bed you made, without me there to hold

Your child is grown and has her own

Ideas, experiences, and opinions now

You thought you had it all mapped out,

without the Lord you did.

But God has other things to show you,

But you just ran and hid.

Go lay in that bed.

Go back to sleep.

Go and lick your wound.

It stinks.

For I tried to tend to it,

But you pushed me away.

You don’t seem to know, I know the wound.

Or why would you bat me away?

Go lay in the stinky bed you made long long ago.

I guess you kind like it.

So lay there.

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