My Adopted Mom did help

But she did show up, when mine Mom did not. She pooped me out and then cleaned the bathroom.

Like did she ever asked God why? Why was I given to her? Why was a child birthed from her first and then given to another?

She still has not answered this girl enough to satisfy me. And that is unfortunate. Because a Mother should. After finding her at 30, with no help, but God. You would think a good Christian woman would get that?

But folks are int he dark about what this does to us, the children, the gifts unopened.

Well, I am not going to stay quiet, for it is my time to report my finding as an  Adoptee. And you may not like it, but to bad, neither did I. So suck it up and pull up your big person pants and deal.

This adoptee is out to change this shit house idea, and shed some much needed light upon it. So watch out. It may hurt, but pruning does hurt. And then comes a new growth spurt.

So be real, look at it. And then change your mind for  God sake. A child cries inside for their Mother each night, and my question is why?

2016 and we can’t even go higher in our thinking than the damn church thinking that got us here? This is not God, this is mans idea. God has it right, we medaled, and micro managed something we have no idea about the intricacy of this most precious union, child and Mother.

My Adopted Mom loves me true, but if she had known this would scare me so bad?

They told her I would be fine. Well, think again.

I was not fine, I was turned around, confused by all the stories. I was hurting from a pain I have known since birth, having no idea what it was causing in my life. Unaware of the consequences of an action I did not remember. It was so buried I could not place it, until I just unraveled and allowed my inner child to speak.

If you consider adoption, think twice. May my words show you what you do is to separate that child from its source,and you play a game with a child life. Do you want that?

Reform is upon us. And we must look at this. If we ever hope to change it for the better.

If adoption toughts that its for the children, how come we don’t feel it? See it?

For a child is designed to love their Mother. And Adoptions just cut us off and lead us to think we are flawed in some way. With all these Mommys and kids, we see the difference.

No more Lies, No more stories. For god sake tell us the truth.


I know my words are not easy to read. But life is not easy. And my road was hard won.

Finding my way in a world that could do this to me, and my Moms.

Thank you for diving deep with me today.

Not many people can hold their breath that long to dive a little deeper. Thank you for showing up to be my witness.

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