Hell No I am not happy about this?

Should I be?

Oh, do tell me what to do?

Do tell me its ok?

Oh tell me to suck it up

Tell me to just go away

You think loosing a Mom is just a trifle

You think its just a game?

But God designed it that way.

And we just need to see

That children are supposed to love their Moms


And that is what I found

I tried to dig her out of my heart.

But you can not cut out DNA

You think I should just get over such a thing?

And yet everyone says that no one gets over loosing their Mom?

Why am I different? Because I was a babe?

You fool yourself to think such a thing?

You are in fact a fool to think that the God of this universe had made a mistake.

WE humans think we know so much and we are as dumb as rocks.

Can a iPhone, merge with a samsung galaxy? Hell no!

And yet we throw children who have learned there Mothers tongue, into families that do not speak it.

We wonder why children relinquished struggle with relating? We are forced to scrap programing while in utero, to learn anew. And we wonder why they struggle to understand things?

We wonder why they are so weird?

Collectively we have done this to them.

And collectively we will undo it.

It is time for change.

Get off your fat ass and do something. Talk to your Adopted kid, give them  place to vent.

Listen to their cries, tend to their wounds.

Give them a safe place to love the one who made them.

Give them a place to mourn a loss, you can not see.

For children are designed to love their Mothers, Grief is the sign of great loss.

Which means great value.

Wake up a little.

Look around you.

We look the same, but inside we are not the same.

And never will be.

But we can change it for another.

We can hold the line.

For a child is looking to their Mother, not other, not even if she is gone.

We remember, it in the DNA.


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