Why can’t you say the lines in my head?

why can’t you say the lines in my head?

The ones I have heard for years from you,

The ones that say, you love me,

And the one where you hold me tight,

Why is there no love in your heart?

I feel as though a nightmare has come,

But yet it was a dream,

Those imaginings of mine,

I felt maybe you made a mistake,

Surely this was true?

I imagined us so differently,

I imagined us more,

But less is what we end up with,

And for that I am sad,

But grieving it wi heal,

A part of me that was holding on,

Just one more day,

For the miracle,

I prayed,

Why can we not all come together,

And make peace of this tear,

In the fabric of this world,

For the day we speperated,

Was the end of a life that was all I knew,

It was the day I died, and came back to life for another,

And yet there was a spark,

Inside that burned,

And no amount of wind or water cane extinguish it,

And you must ask God to cut it,

But God can not cut something he designed to stay connected,

But I can still love you from here, 

And my new mama too,

Cuz kids hearts are big enough to love more than one,

And it kind of sad we have to live like this,

But someday I dream of a day,

When babies will be safe,

Or we all get over this mother thing,

For if one child must go without thier mother,

And we call it love and protection?

Then we all should be separated,

And learn to just love everyone,

Not just your own,


Dream with me,

It’s not easy,

You have to rid yourself of that old story,

And then let the space breath,

Say a prayer,

I am willing to change,

I am willing to see this differently,

And it’s like a magic spell that kept us here,

Is forever reversed,

But you must keep saying it,

Cuz words said over and over,

Create a feedback loop of briefs,

The more you say it,

The stronger it gets,

Want to break it up? 

You gotta go the other direction. 

Cause and affect,

We call it. 

Thank you for diving deep with me. 

And may these words give you manna. 


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