Well. I said hello. 

And God was right. And I was left. But now I am back. Right. And with gods help I’ll show you how to do the same. 


What we need is to do the damn math folks. Put it all together. For it is already. We just have not realized it. 

We live on a rock that is in fact a cell in a cosmos that hangs in a viscous Galaxy, with a permeable membrane. We stay until we get it. We are spirits, stars that are living here with in organic space ships if you will that allow us to experiences this that we call Mother Earth. 

I am an ambassador for this Mother Earth. And today is my first day on the job. This is the first day I tell the world, I showed up for work today. Right here. And I actually have been working for her for years. Helping folks along life path. And showing them gods love through me. For God is all and all is God folks. 

We are citizens of an inter Galaxy. And we each need to learn to accept that and get along. No one is more precious. We all are valuable. Ideas can not possess men? And can not be killed. So put the damn weapons down. And learn. Get quiet. And dump the old ways. Dump the old thoughts. For the mind is whete all war comes from. And communication is the only way. 

Look at where you are now? Online. On the super highway. And look at the connectivity here we have collectively demonstrated. Now let’s take it to each other. Bridge those synaps. Reach out to the one beside you. Remember this. We have all come from this earth. And we all are connected. There is no disconnect. Except the one in the minds of us all. 

Power is ours. But we must believe. We recieve nothing with a double mind not a double tongue. 

Lord, Mother Earth, all that is here. I ask for illumination for each mind that reads this. I send this vibration into the air. I ask that the tide will turn towards a planet connected and full of love. May we realize that we can and have already done this today. May this change manifest in physical form. Amen. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

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