Juicy tidbit for a woman scorned. 

Juicy tid bit for a woman who may feel scorned. Woman to woman. No man gets a better woman after a marriage breaks up. No man. He gets a different version. Same issue, same things the last one dealt with. To think that one has lost? Is to not realize this world. We all learn. And he has. As I showed him the beauty that was what you both shared. Those kids. Are the mark God made. Which is a living blessing that you and he share. We all share. I have done my part. How ever ugly. Good has come from my presence. It has not been easy. No. But a true friend sticks with it. When she is showing her friend how it really is for us all. Not just me. Stop. And look around you. You have it all. All. Jim and I gave it to you. And that. Is the highest form of love. What I show you now is what you get when you piss on that. I don’t know what kind of friend you are used to? But I dont hold back shit. Because I really care about us all. And we. Yes we. Are connected forever in time. So. Let’s get through this shit and let go of all that we think about it that sucks. Cuz I have been standing here watching you treat me like you have. And I wonder what the hell? I gave my life, my time, my love. Yes love, tough love to you all. We all matter. Even me. Your kids are stronger because of me. I did that. And it was hard as fuck. Cuz I want a good relationship with her so bad. But I have things that I can not compromise. I have a call on my life that demands I work with people and try to make them see things that are hard yes. But I have never lied to you. And I do care. But care to me is truth. And with that as the foundation we can do anything. Are you ready? Cuz I am. But I will not beg. Cuz my life shows who I am. What did for you and your kids can only help them as life we know is hard. But I know that those precious people I CALL MY CHILDREN AS WELL ARE GOING TO ROCK IT. what did you do for my kids? What? But I did many things for yours. Why? Well it’s a code of mine. As a single mom too. I got in the ditch with you and those kids and everyone and walked and did things for you all. Dinners. Hugs. Rides. Clothes. Money. Love. And yes, tough truths we all needed to look at. Because we can do better, but only if we first see the dead end relationship we all had for just not realizing what was going on. Just because I am not blood does not mean I am not worthless. I spent time I can not get back on you all. And I do not regret it. For there was many a thing that blessed me to see. It just hurt you were so blind and selfish about it. Maybe these words will show you somehow. I can not change a mind that does not want change. What do you want? Your way? Or a way? 

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