The medical field is fallow

And other such nonsense. 

If a person goes into a hospital with what they feel is a medical emergency they should be prepared for anything? 

The doctor. I am not sure it was an actual doctor. Maybe an intern. Said,”well, we in the emergency room are dumb. Your not going to find any answers in here. We can only take blood and and fix broken bones. 

Not the truth that America wants to hear, by needs too. Health care is no longer care at all. Health field and there is no good soil for health care to grow in ignorance and bliss. As doctors who only practice on dying patients and those who truly need nourishment, not drugs. 

What the hell are we doing with all these building full of people, call the place health care or hospitals if they allow people like me to leave with NO HELP AND A PIECE IF PAPER? 

Shasta Regional medical center redding ca 

Enloe hospital chico ca 

Do not go!! Unless your cut or broken. High blood pressure is not a concern of theres. Neither is what the call an anxiety response? Who do they presume will help someone with those? Are not they open for business? And why have they not adapted to this anxious society? Who do you go see? Who shall the people pay? I know these jack added tipped me over for dollars! And what did I get for it? 

Lip services. I had the doctor from SRMC tell me like a 10 years old, “well, since you won’t let me finish my sentence, I will just go get your discharge papers.” Ha! Oh. I am supposed to sit like a good little patient and let you perform got mascsrade and just lick my lollipop pop? 

I pay the bills if I am in the house. And I demand treatment and diagnoses!! Hello! Not folks who have no idea what service is. I personally think that servers from reataurants could do a better job at the hospitals. They probabley know more about calming an upset customer than those self serving i titled doctors who are just trying to make Money so they can pay for that nice and their student loans! Damn this shit all to hell. 

We need change. And now. The doctor that took care of me looked like a child. And when I told him that this was not care. He said nothing. Which was code for, “I know it sucks, but I did not plan for that. ” the nurse layed my ticket (my health labeling and instructions down and just left. I yelled after her. I am glad she did not work for Opryland hotel back in the day. She sucked and would likely have starved for her lack of give a shit. Hell she gets her pay check whether she’s nice or not! And I pay the bill? Oh hell no. Hell no. 

The lady that met me to take me back was a badass Barbie cigar woman. With her tanned skin, her perfect make up, her most likely fake boobs, and her yoga and workout body. She was a bitch for sure. And could give a shit what I said and just wanted to get my info I to the computer so she could go wait in someone else or go home. Not sure which one or maybe both? 

These hospitals suck. They are glorifies ghost resorts. For those who just don’t know better. No one is saving anyone. Quality is or only commodity here folks. Death is a times up. It’s an expiration date. That is decided already. Living is the only concern that we should have. And hospitals should be co tribute go to the quality that is the only variable in this Earyh experiences that we can decide on. Quality is up to us. 

Hospitals should be about quality. They are not saving lives! They are increasing quality or decreasing quality as I see it. We the people can change the status quo. Yes. We can. When we demand it. And walk it when we don’t get it. It’s the only way out of the mind trap we seem to think we are in. 

We pay the bills. Remember this. Doctors come out of medical school with a Rann piece of paper that says, ” licensed to to practice medicine”. Hello! It does not say, “proficient to administer medical care”

It’s time for us to stand up and demand what we pay for! This is my contribution. A voice. That says enough is enough! 

We will not get anything we do not demand or ask for. So get to it folks. 
Take a look at what it says. And you are putting your quality of life into that. It does not even tell what the qualifications are? How do we know what that is? By my experience? Bed side manor class? They flunked for sure. All of them. 

Wake up Americans! It’s time to arm yourself with knowledge. Read about your symptoms. Online. Teach yourself. Research is all over here. Free. From scientist that really care. Educations leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. Power, to the people. 

Martin Luther King had a dream. And so do I. An America that is great and educated and articulate and powerful of mind, body and soul. How about a world like that? 

If we felt powerful would we be waring against each other? Or would we realize that battles are only against the mindset? You can not kill an idea. You can only educate it so it is not useful anymore. 

Let us all rise to that challenge and educate ourselves. Would children shoot chiten if we they knew the price before? How about we take kids to the prisons to see that? To hear it. What are we hiding from? Children are adults in training. And they need to know what out there. So they can be prepared for it. Not left ignorant while you try to protect them? 

All veiws here are the views of the writer and are hers. One voice can get it started. A conversation needs to pierce the air today. It’s needed to pierce our self inflicted ignorance. The status quo must change. We must change our course. 

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

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