Sitting here with ringing in my ear at Enloe hospital. 

I am well enough to type. But my ears are ringing and as I wAit to be seen, I wonder? Would Denny’s be open for very long if they staffed there restaurant like they staff the hospitals emergency rooms today? 

People. We need to wake up to what is!! The health care system is capped out! Withput the sustainable ideas and wholistic wellness. We all suffer. 

For The truth is this is health/drug use management. Chemical warfare is here! And you are doing t to yourselves, one pill at a time. Think about. Turn that damn programming box off and listen and look around you. Stop thinking about a coke or life alert and look around you! You have neighbors! And you walk past many being each day without even a hello! Like no wonder we are so fucked up over here. 

A perpetration has happened. And we did it to ourselves when we ran from our collective problems. For where ever you go, there you are. We each must stand at this place in time to turn and lay to rest what we ran from. Tyranny is here folks. Look around you. We brought it with us. 

In our minds. In our religious practices. In our mentality. In our beliefs. And in our very DNA!! We have reached the age to change that. Cuz everybody knows when the iPhone’s not working right, to wipe it clean and hook it to the mainframe(ie computer, ie source energy, ie God. Hello!

Spiritual rant over. 

At the prices that they charge for care? How is this care? I mean I have been waiting quite a while. It was day light when we got here and now it’s after 9 pm? What gives Enloe? 

If we the people be paying the bill? Why are there so little staff on on a Sunday night? Like don’t you guys keeps track of the busy days and schedule accordingly?  Denny’s would at least call some servers in if they got slammed? What gives enloe? Don’t your loyal customers deserve that? Who paid for this upgraded hotel? With equipment and no trained staff to diagnose them? 

If I go home with pat answers written on paper. And am sent a 4000 bill?!! We are definitely i. The titanic. And the American people are to blame as well! If I hear in more person tell me that’s just the way it is! I am going to have a bitch fit!! White girl style! You feel me? 

Anyway. Folks are nice here. But what I wonder is why they are unable to find good Dedicated  employes to work for them, who are educated and fully engaged? For the price they charge here I should leave feeling well, with a plan and also with some education about my body and its symptomss and how to afresh them, NOT MASK THEM!! 

Can I get an amen? 

We the people whos be paying the bill need nurses and doctors that are willing to pull a swing or a night shift? And what the hell happened to our family doctors working at the damn hospital? If we had good trained doctors with experiencial practice, on staff? And that’s coming from the schools folks. 

Just remember this. That damn doctor is only licensed to practice medicine. And if they did not fully educate themselves are we’re having others do there homework for a grade? That’s your life in those hands. Wake up people? You act like they are God and they are trying to play God for God sake! Power to the people!! 

The British are here. And the Chinese and the Hmong and  and etc etc. And all the rulers of this planet. What the he’ll do we think we be running from? It’s time for a huge update for us all! We are all related in this one fact. We are spirits with organic machines we ride in. We have a brain that is programmable and a subcsious mind that holds beliefs. Why in the hell are we allowing ourselves to be controlled? Why the hell are we not taking responsibility for our own actions and health? Mental, physical, spirtual. For we are all three?  Can’t you see it yet?  Put it together. Lay down that fear based stuff our moms and the world have layed on us. And pick up the collective truth that stars us in the face. 

We allow what is going on. We have given our power away by doing nothing except complain. The revolution that is upon us is in the mind. And it must be done. By reconizing the mindset that has been around for years. 

We must eat better if we expect to think better. We must learn and educate everyone here. Not just some. There is not reason for anyone to be hungry except greed and horsing of those who have. And an unwillingness to share knowledge. 

Who gains when our brother falls? We all suffer if one suffers. There are so many things we as a species must look at and address. It’s time to update. It’s time. 


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