When I get quiet

when I get quiet. And when I let myself just be. When I allow my inner self, that has been with me the whole time, just speak its truth. I feel better. And that is worth all the guff I got for coming clean. For to be rid of an old way is liberating. To let go of a way of seeing your life as confined by the boxes our parents, thier parents and society for that matter. The world takes on a new glow and flow. 

When I sit still and go there. My inner child comes out to talk about the days when I was growing up and trying to figure it out. We sometimes cry. For their was loss. Deep loss. That no one could, would, should see in a CHILDS heart so young. 

When I let her talk I hear a story of love and triumph. But her accolades where not paid for with gold. She has earned her right to speak by living this life. For her life was full of scary things of unknown people. And smells that did not match. Noises that were unfamiliar and strange. And people that found me a bit strange? 

She has been feelig better theses days after the explosion of emotions. I guess she had just had it. I mean she did stuff a lot of feelings. 50+ years of it. And she’s still a little girl you know? Cuz we all have that part of us inside. Deep down where no one can get to her. Safe. 

But, most people do not talk about their inner child as I am now. But I feel that we need to talk about it so. We are so jammed up. And get triggers to quick. And that. Is your inner child trying to be heard. 

Our inner child has things to say. And those words and feelings are important. No matter what anyone says. The feelings we experienced when growing up like this need expression. If trapped we become stagnant. 

I am 53 and I have come a long way baby. 

I feel better these days as I live this life of mine.   Especially since I let the cat out of the bag. 

Thank you for diving deep with me. Xo


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