Are like cakes. You have to get the right ingredients. Measure them out. This is key. To much of one things can make your cake flat or hard. But with the right amounts. And in the right way. As we mix it together a sweet smell behinds to permiate the air. And. It starts to smell good. It still looks kind of fragile and messy. But with the right amount of heat. And this one is the one people don’t like. Temperature is key and the amount of time In. The heat too. I mean heat is what makes all the ingredients come together to make such a warm fluffy yummy cake. 

Relationships are like that. And the thing about the heat? Do t open the door and disrupt that heat. Why? Because your cake will fall. And that means you got to start over. 

But who just throws away a cake. And then does not try to build another? No one. So keep at it. 

The one thing is this. Good ingredience are hard to find. And the right amount of heat too. But when it’s right. And you’ve mixed well. And found the best ingredience. It’s lusious. 

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