I am asking Adoptees, Foster Kids, grown, or young, happy, or not? To express themselves so we can come to a higher knowing of the collective truth of our type of experience here. Are we having a good time? Would we recommend this to another to try? Is this a rewarding way to live life? Do you love everything about it and why? Do you hate everything about it and why?

Stuff like that?

Like I think I matters, and if I am the only one with her balls in place to do so.

I’ll stand her in this proverbial world wide web until someone see’s my signal.

Cuz, it is show time folks. Our truth is needed. This planet must evolve past experiences like this. We have gleaned so much knowledge having lived like this? And we have so much to report, so people can choose better, our children can choose better from our learning.

Our truth is the serum. To wake a sleeping world up. We have lived these fantasies of theirs, but are they are own? Are they how we collectively feel? How do we feel about having our records sealed? And kept from us? How do we feel about that? Still? 2016? So progressive we are. Thank you Obama for your expedient execution of the Adoptee’s civil rights. Guess we are not black enough?

Citizens of a free America should have every right extended to them by the government designed to serve them. Our civil rights have been violated and continue to be violated as long as this petulant, Adoption paradigm continues. I mean, Lordy. America, land of the free? What is free folks? Nothing? Energy for energy, its a law.


Why the hell my people are not banding together to deal with this? Oh, that is right? They are hiding behind blocked Facebook pages talking smack about everyone, instead of telling them to their faces. If the shoe fits wear it honey. But if that is a bit to tight, put up or shut up. Cuz I can not stand another day thinking that a child has been adopted and is wondering what the hell just happened to me? Nothing smells right? Nothing sounds right? What are they saying? Where are my sisters? Why does my heart hurt all he time? What is this longing inside me? Why didn’t my Mommy want me? Why is it you say I am so special, when my Mommy didn’t want me? Special is a child who is kept? That is what people say, behind your Mothers back.

There are many stories that would raise your hair. And they are in need of being heard. I am one voice, speaking for many who can not speak yet. But i have faith, that if I keep coming here and speaking my truth, they will show up. They will realize, that is why they came, why I came. To change it.

Why in the hell would I leave this place like this? Have you looked around lately? There is much work to do here. And our voices matter. We are sisters and brothers of this planet and our struggle must be heard so society can learn and do better.

Those times you almost took your own life? This is why you did not? That story? You need to tell it, like me? Or not, but tell it. I only show you, it can be done, not how. You are welcome to follow my lead, or make up your own. But do not squander our life her, by taking all you have experienced to the grave? What the hell?

Yeah, I am pushy, but I do not think that a good healer dog does not do the trick when those animals need to be healed on in. Ba Ha!

Am I daft or more intelligent than you realize? Am I slow? Or way a head of you? Could I be on to something? And could you be a part of that something? That can change this planet for the better?

Thank you for diving deep with me!




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