I mean I have 53 years of my life

My Bio mom thought this was the right thing? And that’s ok? But I did not see it that way. And what I felt is important. And what good daughter would leave her Mom like that? 

My life experience says what was in my case. What does another’s case have to do with the validity of mine? 

All I wish is to be heard. All I wish is for folks to learn better. We all should strive to do better. But how can we if we are still in the dark about the truth if this from the Adoptees viewpoint? 

We are adults now. And we have opinions based on our experiences. And they are valid. They are iMportant. 

What scientist would do an experiment and then not look at the results? This adoption experience has been san experiment. And our vital life experiences paint the picture no one can see. For our truth is in a very dark place, inside our heads, we carry the memories and the cries of this child within. For a Mother to make it all better. 

We, so confused. Tossed around by well meaning people who were trying to help. But why could they not help my mom see the gift of who I was?

I’ll tell you why? Because they believed it too. 

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