What Adoptees Do Not want to Hear! 

From the book, Adoption Healing … A path to recovery. By Hoe Soll, LCSW

Any comments? Please add your own by commenting. Do you agree? Or disagree? Do you feel aNything at all? What is your unique personal stand? 

I your sister, would like to know. I have caught my own demons to get to this place right here to shout to the preverbal roof tops to say!  You matter!! I am here for each and everyone if you!! My voice is hear and my ears, and eyes to see the value in your struggle! I validate you!! 

It was not easy to get to the place that I could speak my truth. And I faced many whom I hold dear and our relationships to the test by daring to speak it out loud. 

Relationships are kind of like leaves. Some wither with the sun light, and some thrive. 

We each get to choose which we wish to be. I choose to thrive. Xo

Thank you for diving deep with me today. 

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