Help for a friend




I have a friend who I am helping to get her life back. And her name is Jasmine Rogani. Below is her Go fund. Jasmine was removed from her family at a young age and has struggled for years to figure out why the state took her from her loving, christian Mom who made the mistake? Mistake? Of saying God spoke to to her.

We are a nation under God folks, and no woman should be put on meds and confined in a mental hospital because of her faith and honesty about God. Jasmine has had anxiety attacks as you can imagine from Foster care situations that have left her wounded, raped and taken advantage of.

Jasmine has moved to California to start a new life here. She wishes to put that old to bed. And she has shown me that she is willing to do the work, but has struggled to find someone to just see her for who she really is and someone who has the eyes to see her full potential. I am asking you to prayerfully consider donating to her fund.

I am also posting my acct. email, so you can donate there as well. is my paypal acct email.

Thank you. It takes us to make the difference. What you give will come back to you 100 fold, but if you give nothing, nothing is what you get.

Jasmine a month after arriving in California entered HSU and while under physical, mental, sexual duress, finished a semester of College, riding the bus for 2 hours a day going back a forth to school, while living with a very volatile person. That take Moxy. And I give her props.

She is in need of chemo, and disability is not helping to pay for her to start.

She needs glasses, that’s $114 for the visit. We are working to get her to the doctor.

She has gotten off of so many pain killers that were given to her by doctors. And that is amazing.

Please consider helping this woman rise to her fullest potential. Ask yourself this question. What would I want someone to do for me if I fell into this?

I want to thank each and every one of you for your willingness to put your money where you mouth is and for sowing seeds of love and provision for another, for that is the highest commandment of all.

Thank you for diving deep with me. xo

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