Will I ever get over this?

Hell No! Will I move on? Yes.

And this is my beginning at moving on. I have less weight weighing me down. Why? Because I let the cat out of the bag. I let my inner child speak. I let what is to be shown to you all. And that feel good.

I must admit I did not think in my head with my head with this move, but I followed my heart. I was so off course with my feelings leading me. With years of trapped traumatic thoughts about being adopted and trying to fit into a hole that society set. I have now stepped out of that whole, and I stand on the mountain top free.

If you think this approach is crazy? Your damn right. But I got here. The dark is not so bad. And all that folks said did not mean shit, when I spoke my truth. What society said to me no longer matters. And now I can get on with living my life.

As I see it, there were just a lot of missing pieces to my life. And nothing made sense. Being moved like that with no idea who I was was so painful to endure, but I did. And I survived . But survival is not the issue now. What I wish for is to thrive.

With this monkey off my back, I am free to live my life by design. Mine.

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