my hearts races and then slowed down. 

My Brian is foggy and then irritated. 

I sweat a lot. And then I feel weak. 

What the hell. And me and my b mom are just barely making it. 

But I try to not loose hope as she seems to get farther and father away from Where I wish we were. 

Being adopted is like a crap

Shoot. One day this. The next day that? 

I was sick a lot and pain is kind of a norn for me. So. When my

Body gets like this I listen. I have no ideas whats going on with it. But it needs me to love it not hate it. So I rest. 

I personally think I was sick because my mom thought I was a mistake and I did not take that well at all. I mean I just got here and your black balling me already? Geezo mom! 

Anyway. I hope your doing good. I am just writing so people can see. And maybe I can see too. Cuz I feel blind as a bat sometimes. 

Thanks for diving deep with me. 


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