My birth moms upset 

she’s upset about me talking on the Internet about her. She’s upset about me talking about this at all. She’s upset because I’m being open and honest about my feelings. And she’s upset because I
Have shared some of my most vulnerable and intimate feelings about this subject to the world. That’s not really what she does she’s kind of private and wants to keep it to ourselves. But him just one keep an adoption to themselves when it’s like a huge life event and when I’m involved. What I see women failed to see that give children up for adoption is the fact that you’re just prolonging the inevitable. So if your birth mother and you can a child up for adoption my advice to you is get ready for the child To come back for they do.
When just come back, for they do. 
When I just wonder is why a society is leading these women to do so, many whom are at very young ages and are unschooled about such things. 

Giving a baby away and expecting that you’ll never see it again is seriously not realistic. And to try and hide it like event like a pregnancy and birth is not realistic. So the way I see it adoption is nothing more than self-inflicted psychosis for the child, for the parent and for the adoptive parents.
And what I am bringing to the table is this. Children are not just to be brushed under rugs. Children are an inheritance a seed that with proper water with proper nutrients can grow and be fine being in a family even if they are conceived without a marriage license or are conceived in some other way.

That baby is tied to you no matter what and what has adoption changed excellent that you did not face it and see the miracle unfold. Some other WOMANS got that? But what about the child? Their need for a biological mom? And the fact that many of us mourn that loss? And are thought of by our moms as mistakes? 

I Say that with proper water with proper nutrients you can grow and be fine being in a family even if they are conceived without a marriage license or are conceived in in some other way.
Say when a woman is raped, OK and so she is pregnant and she gives the baby away, what good has been done? Has the woman who was pregnant by a rape gained any better feelings by giving away a piece of herself that came from that,?

this is a hard question for many who have endured that and to face , I get that. But why I asked that question for is to get to a higher idea.
To give a child a way after this is happened to you only adds to the trauma on top of the trauma. You’ve not really made it any better by saying oh I don’t have to stare that child and think about the thing I did. Now you thinking about it all day long what have I done to myself. Because now you got to deal with the fact that you gave away something that was placed within you and you never did get the message so now you’re out to lunch. 

My question is this. “If the babies placed within you and if it’s a gift and you give it away unopened, have you really realized what the child was for? Have you realized what the gift was? And why it was given to you? Why did this universe give you a baby from such an act? And does throwing it away make it better? 

I am not say my I am right. I am just trying to get folks to see they throw away themselves when they do that. They hurt their own dna by doing that. Autoimmune is the body attacking itself. Why must woman feel bad about a urs and sex? Men fuck whatever they want and go off Scott free. 

I like what Mary did. She raised jesus. We believe the spirit over shadows her. Why can we not believe this in rape? Many Christians believe in the emaculant  conception. I see a woman in trouble with a story to tell. 

Do you think jesus grew up

Without stigma? A mother who bares him and the whole town knowing it was not her husbands. Her reps was under scrutiny for sure. And jesus stood up to

That and showed us to

Suffer the little ones to come unto me. But we still block them. Why are children paying the price of our actions or another’s? Why would we make our children pay such a price? 

If they are gifts it

Should be so. Why are we not able to get to a higher ground about conception and sex? When it is what makes this world keep turning? With no babies we have no future? 

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