I love how the world 

debates our rights for us? 

Martin Luther King said it when I realized that the president was going to do nothing until it was made that he could do nothing other than address the issues our slave brothers and sisters needed addressing. 

Now our time is here. A time for our civil rights to be giving back to us and anyone else coming along from that day forward. 

Our voices. The voices of those who have experienced this first hand and know how it feels needs to pierce the air and set us all free. Our experiences mean the difference for a child somewhere who’s going through what we did and still do. 

These rights are what add value to a life. They are a thread torn from our patchwork quilt of life. And we fell it’s lose and feel it’s need. For it is by design that we are made this way. And we the soothes must bring the blance this world so desperately needs. 


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