What does it mean to be adopted?

its means you have no idea about why you act like you do? 

It’s means when you look in the mirror you are constantly thinking, I wonder who I look like? 

It means you are blind. Blind to why, ryhmn nor reasons matter not. For nothing fits. Your like has been thrown into a pit like Alice in wonderland you spiral down the rabbit hole. 

It means if you can’t find you parents, you’ll never know

It means you mom at some point did not like you. And you feel that deeply

It means you go through pregnancy without a coach coaching you along your way. 

It means you have so much internal stuff your adopted moms doesn’t even see, Cuz your not from her. How can she see?

It means you grow up without a dna foundation. You have lost your family to some tragedy that everyone around you is happy about. They cheer your new Mommy’s assertion while you mourn your Moms self inflicted dethroning. 

It means you wonder. All the damned time. 

It means many answers go without answers. 

It means anger. Frustration at such a chopped up story. Anger at a world that would continue to allow this. 

It means many years of silence. For fear it will happen again. By your new mommy. 

It means,”what can I trust if my own moms does this to me?”

And it means we hurt for a woman who

Gave up on herself and you. 
Thanks for going deep with me today. 

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