Being adopted also means

someone stood in for me

Someone showed up for me

A woman who was not my Mother held on. 

A woman who did not make me appreciated me more than my own mom 

A woman who had no idea what sue was getting into cared enough to stay. 

She knew it would be rough raising a child a woman did not want. 

She knows the pain you feel, she has seen your struggle. 

She can not change it. It means she wishes she could. But accepting she can’t. It’s just do possible. 

It means that a child

Grows up


The scriptures talk abot two masters. And how you can only serve one? And yet I have two? And they have never met? 

Now. Is that a good plan? 

Would God plan such a plan? Gifts from above are fisty peaceable. Why was I not pea blue to my mother? Hmmmm?

Questions. Am I supposed to

Go through life without questions answered? Is that how we do it here? 

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