Help for a friend




I have a friend who I am helping to get her life back. And her name is Jasmine Rogani. Below is her Go fund. Jasmine was removed from her family at a young age and has struggled for years to figure out why the state took her from her loving, christian Mom who made the mistake? Mistake? Of saying God spoke to to her.

We are a nation under God folks, and no woman should be put on meds and confined in a mental hospital because of her faith and honesty about God. Jasmine has had anxiety attacks as you can imagine from Foster care situations that have left her wounded, raped and taken advantage of.

Jasmine has moved to California to start a new life here. She wishes to put that old to bed. And she has shown me that she is willing to do the work, but has struggled to find someone to just see her for who she really is and someone who has the eyes to see her full potential. I am asking you to prayerfully consider donating to her fund.

I am also posting my acct. email, so you can donate there as well. is my paypal acct email.

Thank you. It takes us to make the difference. What you give will come back to you 100 fold, but if you give nothing, nothing is what you get.

Jasmine a month after arriving in California entered HSU and while under physical, mental, sexual duress, finished a semester of College, riding the bus for 2 hours a day going back a forth to school, while living with a very volatile person. That take Moxy. And I give her props.

She is in need of chemo, and disability is not helping to pay for her to start.

She needs glasses, that’s $114 for the visit. We are working to get her to the doctor.

She has gotten off of so many pain killers that were given to her by doctors. And that is amazing.

Please consider helping this woman rise to her fullest potential. Ask yourself this question. What would I want someone to do for me if I fell into this?

I want to thank each and every one of you for your willingness to put your money where you mouth is and for sowing seeds of love and provision for another, for that is the highest commandment of all.

Thank you for diving deep with me. xo

I will not be Ridiculed for my grief process!!

I will not be ridiculed for my grief process, and the length it is taking. I am writing this so you who are reading will not be either. As far as I have been going, I was trying to hit and go. But not all parties are willing. And cannot see anything but the story […]

Will I ever get over this?

Hell No! Will I move on? Yes.

And this is my beginning at moving on. I have less weight weighing me down. Why? Because I let the cat out of the bag. I let my inner child speak. I let what is to be shown to you all. And that feel good.

I must admit I did not think in my head with my head with this move, but I followed my heart. I was so off course with my feelings leading me. With years of trapped traumatic thoughts about being adopted and trying to fit into a hole that society set. I have now stepped out of that whole, and I stand on the mountain top free.

If you think this approach is crazy? Your damn right. But I got here. The dark is not so bad. And all that folks said did not mean shit, when I spoke my truth. What society said to me no longer matters. And now I can get on with living my life.

As I see it, there were just a lot of missing pieces to my life. And nothing made sense. Being moved like that with no idea who I was was so painful to endure, but I did. And I survived . But survival is not the issue now. What I wish for is to thrive.

With this monkey off my back, I am free to live my life by design. Mine.

Being Privately Adopted is like being


In a love triangle. The one you see is the one who showed up. The one you love is the one who did not. And that is such a shitty place to put a child. For it makes them have to choose. What the hell? I am supposed to choose?

Why do we put children so young in the position to have to maneuver such terrain?



Life as I see it

Time is the invention we made. And these body’s have an expiration date. Why let a good life be tainted, just cuz your moms off track? Like go get that precious soul and turn her around, so she can see the blessing, that is…

I am a blessing God damn it. Who told her that I was not? And why could she not see that in me? Maybe she could not see it in herself? I don’t know. But I do know this, no matter what, I love her true. And Mama Jean too.

And why do I have to live other wise? Who said I can’t change the script? Cuz, I just did.


You can too. Follow my lead out of this dark place called adoption, and step into what is, a child is forever connected to their Moms. xome


my hearts races and then slowed down. 

My Brian is foggy and then irritated. 

I sweat a lot. And then I feel weak. 

What the hell. And me and my b mom are just barely making it. 

But I try to not loose hope as she seems to get farther and father away from Where I wish we were. 

Being adopted is like a crap

Shoot. One day this. The next day that? 

I was sick a lot and pain is kind of a norn for me. So. When my

Body gets like this I listen. I have no ideas whats going on with it. But it needs me to love it not hate it. So I rest. 

I personally think I was sick because my mom thought I was a mistake and I did not take that well at all. I mean I just got here and your black balling me already? Geezo mom! 

Anyway. I hope your doing good. I am just writing so people can see. And maybe I can see too. Cuz I feel blind as a bat sometimes. 

Thanks for diving deep with me.